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Rock - rock instrumental

The Depth
Rahgozar Haft Eqlim
The Depth - Sadredin Taheri
Like the Dust
By Haunted By Waters
Like the Dust - Haunted By Waters

Samsara's Edge
By Samsara's Edge
Like the Dust - Samsara's Edge

This Life
By Aldoush
This Life - Aldoush

Angel of Thoughts
By Paiman Abdali
Angel of Thoughts - Paiman Abdali

World Trance - World Ambient

By Ashavahishta
Awakening - Ashavahishta

X Dot 25
Introspection - Mythos

Adagio Music Inc
Mythos - Mythos

By Mythos
Journey - Mythos

The Reality of a Dreamer
Adagio Music Inc
The Reality Of A Dreamer - Mythos

Adagio Music Inc
Eternity - Mythos

By Mythos
Purity - Mythos

Voices of Spheres
By Salamat Ali Khan
Voices Of Spheres - Ustad Salamat Ali Khan

Niya Yesh
By Axiom of Choice
Niya Yesh - Axiom of Choice

By Axiom Of Choice
Unfolding - Axiom of Choice

World Fusion

The Child Within
By Aldoush & Human Exchange
The Child Within - Aldoush

Rain And Dust
By Aldoush
Rain and Dust - Aldoush

Desire to Fly
Aldydav Music Productions
Desire to Fly - Aldoush

Bandidos de Amor
By Yussi & Django
Bandidos de Amor - Django & Yussi

Besjana Lounge
X DOT 25
Besjana Lounge - Yussi

El Pirata
X Dot 25
El Pirata (Live) - Yussi

Exotic Wizard
X DOT 25
Awakening - Ashavahishta

Velvet Rebel
By Yussi
Velvet Rebel - Yussi

Hidden Beloved
independent artists
Hidden Beloved - Sadredin Taheri

Greene Sleeves
X DOT 25
Greene Sleeves Lounge Remix - Yussi

Some Day
By Ahmadreza Nabizadeh
Someday - Ahmadreza Nabizadeh

X Dot 25
Longing -Ustad Habib Khan

Journey on the Strings
By Ustad Habib Khan
Journey On The Strings

Jewel of Heart
By Ustad Habib Khan
Jewel Of Heart

Evening Light
By Habib Khan & Swapan Chaudhuri, Ustad Habib Khan & Swapan Chaudhuri
Evening Light
East to East
By Alan Kushan
east to East  - Alan Kushan

By Alan Kushan
Pegâh - a Persian Diaspora (Live) - Alan Kushan

Arctic Soul
By Alan Kushan, Alan Kushan
Arctic Soul - Alan Kushan

Unforgotten Sketches
Art & Vision
Unforgotten Sketches - Alan Kushan

Gate Crashing
Alan Kushan
Gate Crashing - Alan Kushan

By Vaaleh

Fasl-E Entezar
By Parisa Vaaleh
Fasl-e Emtezar

Traditional World

By Kamil Alipour
Moon Dance

Best of Zoroofchi
By Yaqub Zoroofchi
Best Of Zoroofchi - Yaqub

Baku Nights
X DOT 25
Baku Nights - Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra

World Jazz

Asa Verde
By Claudia Villela

Inverse Universe
By Claudia Villela, Ricardo Peixoto

By Claudia Villela, Kenny Werner

Small Clubs Are Dead
By Dred Scott
Small Clubs Are Dead - Dred Scott

Peoples Blues
By Hafez Modirzadeh

In Chromodal Discourse
By Hafez Modirzadeh

Mystery of Sama'
By Modirzadeh, Zoufonoun

Radif Suite (Dig)
By Amir Elsaffar, Hafez Modirzadeh

Post-Chromodal Out
By Hafez Modirzadeh

By Paul James de Benedictis
Quintets - Clauia Villela

Supernova: Brazilian Jazz
By Claudia Villela, Toninho Horta, Michael Brecker, Danny Gottlieb, Steve Davis

Compilations & Samplers

Portraits in Sound, Vol. 1: A Collection of World Music
By Mythos, Karumanta Jamuyku, Aldoush & The Human Exchange, Axiom of Choice, Haunted by Waters, Yussi & Django, Yaqub Zoroofchi & Baku State Symph. Orch, Sheila Bazleh & Alexei Reznick, Parinaz & Kamil Alipour, Alan Kushan

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Angels Weep

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